We played this “One Shot” tonight and it was a ton of fun!
Father Belmond’s posse is a group of jaded monster hunters that travel the weird west in a hope of saving this land. When we catch up with them tonight they have been tracking a group of vampires across Colorado and have found themselves deep in the Rockies when a violent storm hits them. Desperately seeking shelter from the storm they find an old hunting cabin. They tie up their horses outside and when they enter the shack are confronted with a grizzly scene. There are three beds but only one man in the hunting cabin.
Sadly he ain’t got much to say seeing as ate a bullet not too long ago. In his left hand was a note that simply said “We were wrong…. It ain’t what we thought it was.” His other hand held a Peacemaker pistol with five silver bullets left in it. Jacob took the gun. Shawn and Clint decided to haul his lifeless body and plates of old food out into the woods away from the cabin.
It didn’t take long for Shawn to come running back in screaming about “Devil Wolves”! The posse barred both doors and tried to keep watch but the howling winds and pounding rain was all they could see or hear for most of the night. The next morning as they awoke to grey skies Gabriela stepped outside to check on the horses.
What she found was enough to turn the stomach of any hardened gunfighter. The horses and their supplies had been ripped to bits. Blood and pieces of horse were everywhere. The posse realized that they were in trouble as it would take the better part of a week to walk out of the mountains. They began hunting for food and water, setting traps for squirrels and looking around for anything useful to survive. The Father Prayed.
Shawn spotted more of these “Devil Wolves” while out searching for water. They didn’t attack…. They just seemed to be stalking the cowpokes. They now knew for sure that whatever it was had been toying with them. Killing their horses was just to keep them from getting away quickly. That night while hold up in the cabin on two-man watches the wolves attacked! During the middle of the night the front and back door to the cabin exploded as the devil wolves (Dread Wolves) came bursting in looking for dinner. The posse made short work of the beast only to find out that they were led by a werewolf. Just as the dread wolves were killed the side of the cabin was ripped off and a massive werewolf charged in!
The werewolf did his best to rip through the humans hiding in the cabin…. He wounded a couple of them pretty good too. As a massive fight for survival broke out in the cabin, Father Belmond prayed with all his heart for Gods help. His prayers didn’t go unanswered. The creature began to lose strength as if some angelic force was draining it from him. Then in a last ditch effort to stay alive Gabriela fired a blast of silver into the heart of the beast killing it dead!
Father Belmond’s posse survived the night…. And they carry the scares to prove it!

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